About Us

The Better Business Bureau is a public service organization that advocates ethical, responsible conduct in the marketplace. Through the support of business members sharing its goals and standards, the BBB offers programs which promote informed buying and giving decisions, truthful advertising and selling practices, and the resolution of marketplace disputes.

As employees of the Better Business Bureau, it is up to us to strive for and maintain the highest possible standards of customer service. We know that we can best challenge area firms to excel in customer relations by leadership through example. We have therefore established a customer service pledge as a constant reminder of our commitment to BBB Accredited Businesses and the entire business-consumer community. Everyone who asks for our help is entitled to respect, sincerity and the benefit of our experience–our best. To give less breaches our responsibility to ourselves and the BBB tradition.

In fulfillment of this commitment, we promise to:

  • Advocate fairness and responsible behavior in the marketplace
  • Foster informed decision-making through objective, accurate and useful information presented in a professional manner;
  • Assist those who seek to resolve disputes and treat them with respect;
    Work to bridge gaps between consumers and businesses, and reflect impartial and reasonable positions to both;
  • Commit to excellence in the marketplace, not only in products and services, but most importantly, in people.

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